Hello people!

The English teacher of my class, Ms Glanzmann, had an idea for us, to do a radio program. We were a bit clumsy and to avoid the loud noise in the record, Ms Glanzmann said, that we could work outside the classroom. Almost all groups were going in the corridor and did the recording of the radio program, but one group stayed in the classroom and did the recording there.

As explanation: We should make groups with 3 to 5 people. When we did this, we should take the mobile phone from one person in the group and plan to do a recording about a song of any musician that we know. When we did all this, we had to send the recording of the group to the teacher and in the next lesson, she played the recordings in front of the class.

The groupmates of the recording on the website (audio sample click here) were Timo Rippstein, Alexander Stephan, Jaron Eichwald and Fabian Schmidt. There radio program was like a real one and for us it was funny to listen to it.

Author: Fiona Biedermann