SE1a "besucht" New York City

Geschrieben am 02.06.2021
von Lisa Eggenschwiler

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts der SE1a «besuchten» wir New York City. Das Stadtbild von New York City ist von Wolkenkratzern geprägt. Inspiriert von diesen Skyscrapern liessen wir unsere Fantasie fliegen und zeichneten unsere eigenen Skyscraper.

Viel Spass beim Erkunden und Lesen der Texte.

Kyubi no Kitsune Tower

This unique skyscraper was designed by Chizu Aoyama. It has 100 stories and is about 1449ft./442 metres tall. It was completed in the year of 1946. Chizu took inspiration from the nine tailed fox myth. Which originates in china and is well known in east Asian mythology. The building is located in Hōnshu, Japan. In order to get in, you need a ticket which you can buy online. Then you go to the front gate of the big wall around the skyscraper. There you will be guided through a long tunnel by an employee, along with a group of tourists. Once you arrive by the lift and go up, you have entered the Tower. In each «tail» you get to find out something about the myth and explore, the order doesn’t matter. In the «body» there’s tons souvenir shops and food stores, for you to take a look at as well and maybe buy something. If you decide to go to the «head» at the top of the skyscraper, you can admire the beautiful view of the surrounding areas. A big highlight however are the eyes on the Head. Every ten minutes a blinking animation is displayed and for 5 minutes it will look around before it closes its eyes again until the next animation.

Rapunzel Building

There are 62 storeys. This skyscraper has one restaurant, three shops and 15 apartments. The Rapunzel Building has two stairs. One stair is on the outside and one stair on the inside. The outside stair goes to the apartment in the inside. The stairs on the inside link the shops and the restaurant. The rooftop is made of glass. Rapunzel Building was built in 1962 and is 1181 feet (360 m) high. The name comes obviously from the film Rapunzel. The skyscraper looks like the Rapunzel tower in modern. In 2012 it was newly and more modern build. In this year it was 50 years old. Now it is 59 years old.

The Big Lightning

The name of this skyscraper is «THE BIG LIGHTNING». It has the name because, there where it is built the biggest lightning of the world stroke. It has the shape of a lightning. The skyscraper was built in 2231. It is one of the biggest skyscrapers in the world. It is 14'532 m high. The yellow on the Front- and backside are glass panes where you can’t look through from the outside, from the inside you can look through. It was built in the Maldives. It has 12'000 storeys. There are 9'000 shops. It is the biggest building in the Maldives. The most incredible is that the skyscraper isn’t straight.

Magic Ferris Wheel🎡

It is a Ferris wheel with a lot of shops. The shops are H&M, Zara, Mc Donald’s, Müller, d&m, Nike Shop, Apple Store and Subway. It's a dream to shop there!

In the shops all walls are glass. In all shops I can see all of NYC.

It spins all the time. It was a built in 2000. The skyscraper is 521 m. It’s a lot of fun there. This is a special Ferris Wheel because you have an amusement park and a mall.

MKey Chillscraper

The name of my Skyscraper is Mkey Chillscraper.

It is a special skyscraper. The lower half of the main building is intended for my fans because I’m a famous streamer. In the fan area, for example there are various arcades, a fan shop and a chill and game area.

The upper area is private and only I and my family can enter. Inside there is a bowling facility for me and my friends, a cinema, a second arcade and the most important thing is my streaming room where I stream from. Of course, there is also a floor only for my employees who can live there. At the bottom of the building is a cafe whose facade I had sprayed by a graffiti artist. And at the top is my penthouse that I live in.

Double–D Tower

It was built in 2002. It is 678 meters high. It is very special because you can experience a lot. It is an included hotel where you can eat and sleep. And you can also see all of New York. There are lot of shops for shopping. You can take very nice pictures from the terrace at the top. You can walk to the top or you take the escalator. The Tower is very nice, so come over and visit this.

It`s that easy to spend time with friends or family!!

Kayo Tower

Kayo Tower is the biggest skyscraper in New York. It stands in the sea. Kayo Tower has 197 floors. In Kayo Tower high-tech cell phones are made. The skyscraper was built in the year 2020. Underwater is all made of glass. We can see the fishes in the sea. In Kayo tower you can go to the top. There are two towers, they are connected. On the first floor is a restaurant with five stars. Kayo Tower is 624 meter high.

The Adventure skyscraper

The Skyscraper was built in 2008. You can’t see the roof of the Skyscraper because of the clouds. It was built close to the sea. The skyscraper stands in New York. It is the tallest building in New York. It has 30 storeys. In the skyscraper is a shopping centre. On the top floor is an indoor swimming pool. You can climb at the back. On the roof is a trampoline, and in the seventh storey is a music room.

Korab’s King tower

The name comes from my name. It is a business tower. It has 100 floors. It is 500 meters high. The smiles are for peace. It is built in Bern. I built this Skyscraper in 1980. It has a swimming area. It also has a gym. It is the highest skyscraper in Switzerland.

Money tower

The tower was built in 2021. It has three storeys. The money tower is a bank. The tower is 10 meters high. The building time is two years. My skyscraper has a safe, the safe is three meters in the underground. In the safe is gold, money and gems. The tower has thirty employees. The tower is in a Switzerland. The tower cost 100'000 Fr.

Step Tower

Completed in 2020. It has 208 storeys and is 806 meters hight. Its name comes from the building style that was newly invented. The plan is to stack big parts from the building on top of the other (step by step). On the first 20 floors is a massive shopping centre. The other 100 floors are for a hotel, the Step Hotel. The other floors are rented out. In these floors are living Millionaires and Billionaires. The most iconic part about this Building is the big digital clock. You can see the time from 1km away.


In this skyscraper you can go to the balcony. You can eat too. A president lived in this skyscraper. If you want to make a phone call you can do that. This skyscraper has six floors. You can open the door with a code. You can enjoy the sun on the balcony. You can play games. You can talk to others in this skyscraper. This skyscraper has been around for ten years.

shoppy sky

The name of my Skyscraper is shoppy sky. At the bottom is the entrance. There is a Lindt shop on the second floor. There is a Livique on the third floor. There is a Manor on top of the Livique. There’s a Dunkin Donut in the next compartment. And there is a Metro and a Snipes. In the next compartment there is a H&M and a ZARA. On the top there is a New Yorker, Nike store, Mc Donald’s.

The crocked skyscraper

My skyscraper is crocked. My skyscraper is grey. This skyscraper has 57 windows. This skyscraper has a door. The skyscraper is in New York. The skyscraper is big. This skyscraper was completed in 2021. In this skyscraper there are 12 storeys. This skyscraper is owned by the businessman Bleart. This skyscraper is 200m tall.

Tree Tower

2021this skyscraper was built. Actually, this should have become a normal shopping centre. But with time it became more and mor strange. So, the construction committee decided to build a tree. It has become a hotel with 40 appartements. 50 meters high above is a huge tree house. It even has a playground. You can run up on the liana. The receptionist sits on the ground floor. This tower also has a basement with a pool and other amusements.

Have fun exploring!!!


He is built to 9954. It is 9000 m high. It is made of glass, metal, concrete, copper and wood. It total are around 38'394’6294'000'000'000 tons of building materials. There is approximately 7847'843'800'000 l water in the Skyscraper. It's called that because they're real fish. The Fish is very big. People can swim in there. Because you have an oxygen cylinder when diving so you can breathe.


In this skyscraper can you go eat in a restaurant. A queen lived in this skyscraper.

 It has 309 floors and stands 1,545 feet tall. This was the biggest skyscraper of 1984. In this skyscraper can you go to the balcony.

You can eat too. The skyscraper was the longest. This skyscraper has been for five years. In this can you play games. And you can swim too.

The skyscraper pawn

My Skyscraper consists of a chess piece. It also consists of seven floors. It was built in 2007. The skyscraper is called a chess piece. The offices are on the first floor. On the second floor there are apartments for rent. There is on indoor swimming pool on the third floor. There is a restaurant on the fifth floor. In the sixth and seventh there are again apartments to rent. The skyscraper is also very popular.

The cringe tower

This tower stands in New York. This skyscraper was constructed for me. It is 4000 meters high. This is a cringey skyscraper. The name is cringe skyscraper. This is very high. The colour is blue and withe. This is the highest building in the world. Completed in 1980. In this skyscraper is a big playground. On the top, it has two homes.

The wow, wow, wow Skyscraper

In the first storey are clouds and this are windows. In the second storey is a grand shopping centre and it has all you can dream from that. The skyscraper has the name «The wow, wow, wow Skyscraper» because it has all! The skyscraper has 6 storeys and is 60 metres height. The tower is not quite finished yet but in two weeks are the last two storeys also finished. It has a shape of a rectangle. Every storey has the same size. The skyscraper has also a pet shop. In the third storey are plants. The tower has 10'000 windows.

The line tower

This was completed in the Year 2018. This tower has lines on the side. The lines tower is red and yellow. The line tower was constructed by a Swiss architect. The tower is 65949504 m high.